Treat them with the Apéritif !


  • Price for: 1 person
  • Validity: 365 days
  • Payments: Individual or group payment

This voucher is for 1 person, just enter above the number of people you wish to invite
- Includes 1 cocktail
- Or drinks up to that price


Unit price
Menu 1 person
Add one or more Menu (starter, main dish, desert)
Coffee included
Drinks not included
Menu extra not included
27.90 €
Bottle of wine
Choose a bottle of wine (red, white or rosé) selected amongst our small Cahors producers
If during the mean a pricier bottle is selected, the difference can be paid at the end of the meal.
18.00 €
Bottle of Champagne
Let the bubble make this meal very special !
56.00 €
Cognac, Armagnac, Vieille Prune, Rhum, etc.
7.00 €

Booking conditions

Just tell us the date and name of your friends / family
This voucher is valid until Septembre 2022.

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How it works?

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  2. Enter the beneficiary's details and customize your message.
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  4. You don't have to manage anything, a payment link is sent by email to all contributors.
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Treat them with the Apéritif !

Your friends, members of your family are coming for Lunch or Diner ? Why not offering them the Apéritif !

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